«AKB – Setting Standards.»

Looking for a local bank that puts a premium on customer proximity, expertise and security? Then we're the right address for you.

Brief profile

We’re the leading universal bank for private and corporate clients in the canton of Aargau and have a lot to offer institutional investors too. Our strengths include personal advice that is tailor-made to you and regional proximity. Our service concept is clear and understandable. Expertise at AKB is not complicated – nor are our range of products and services. You’ll receive exactly the advice you want. We’re here for you at 31 branches in the canton of Aargau and in Olten-Gösgen-Gäu in the adjacent region of Solothurn. AKB has around 790 employees, 78 of whom are apprentices and trainees. We serve approximately 230,000 clients. The rating agency Standard & Poor's distinguished us with an AA rating, making us one of the best rated banks in the world. Aargauische Kantonalbank is 100% owned by the canton of Aargau and has a full state guarantee. Your money is safe with us.

AKB at a glance

Year of foundation 1913
Employees approx. 790
Apprentices and trainees 78
Branches 31
Total assets as at 31 December 2017 CHF 27.0 billion
Annual profit CHF 145.6 million
Profit distributed to the canton in 2017 CHF 96.0 million
Ownership structure 100%-owned by the canton of Aargau
State guarantee from the canton of Aargau 100%

Key figures

Balance sheet as at 31 December 2017 in CHF millions
Total assets 26 961.3
Loans to customers 21 826.2
- of which amounts due from customers 1 017.5
- of which mortgage loans 20 808.7
Funds due to customers 17 312.6
- of which amounts due in respect of customer deposits 17 270.0
- of which cash bonds 42.6
Net equity before distribution of net profit 2 272.4
Income statement for 2017 in CHF millions
Net result from interest operations 255.3
Result from commission business and services 62.3
Result from trading activities and the fair value option 61.9
Other result from ordinary activities 6.7
Operating income 386.2
Personnel expenses -112.4
General and administrative expenses -74.6
- of which compensation for the state guarantee -11.1
Operating expenses -187.0
Value adjustments on participations and depreciation and amortisation of tangible fixed assets and intangible assets -10.0
Changes to provisions and other value adjustments, and losses 0.7
Profit 145.6
Appropriation of profit in CHF millions
Allocation to statutory retained earnings reserve 49.6
Distribution to the canton 96.0
Business Volume in CHF millions
Client Assets 1) 24 217.3
Net new money 1 516.3
Client Volume 2) 49 174.2
Personnel 3)
FTE (Full-time equivalent) 693.2
- of which apprentices/trainees 38.5

1) Basis: deposits and assets under management, since 2017 exclusive corporate assets.
2) Basis: client assets, corporate assets and loans to customers.
3) FTE (full-time equivalent) is shown as part-time adjusted, apprentices, trainees and employees in the trainee pool are counted as 50%.